Summer Is Here and VitaMist Can Help You Look Great

1397914_10201987221551886_1917550362_oI know we all want to look great this summer, but do we all have the time to hit the gym hard in an effort to get that beach body?  Along with using VitaMist diet support products, here are 9 sneaky tricks that’ll leave you feeling – and looking – lighter and slimmer for this summer almost instantly.  Implement these simple tweaks into your daily life and you’ll gain some killer summer self-confidence.


#1. Ditch the processed foods

Look at the ingredients panel of everything you pick up in the supermarket.  If it contains items that you cannot pronounce, put it back where it belongs- on the shelf- not in your tummy.  Better yet, avoid all packaged food and stick to fresh produce with no food labels and no unhealthy ingredients.

#2. Get a tan

It doesn’t matter if you hit up the salon for your glowing tan, or use some amazing at-home varieties, a fake tan will not only make you instantly look slimmer and fitter, it’ll hide veins, cellulite and stretch marks, too.

#3. Wear nude-colored pointed heels

Pointy-toed heels have the wonderful ability to make your legs look longer and slimmer by extending your silhouette.  Wear pointy-toed heels in a hue that’s of a similar color to your skin tone and you’ll make your pins look like they go on for miles.

#4. Up your daily water intake

When you don’t have enough water in your system, your cells have a nasty habit of retaining the little water you do have.  This leaves you looking bloated and puffy.  Hydrate your body by sipping slowly on water throughout the day.  Don’t ever gulp it down, though – you’ll only end up needing to pee every few minutes, and the water won’t enter your bloodstream, which is where it’s needed most.

#5. Wear tops with a V-neckline

This upside-down triangle does superb things for the figure.  It creates a focal point up top- directing all eyes away from your midsection- while creating the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.  It also balances out larger hips and thighs.  Hooray!

#6. Say no to alcohol

Booze may make you happy and even a little flirty, but it’s dehydrating and high in calories.  You also tend to eat unhealthy food while you’re drinking, which we know is a bad thing.  However, if you do feel the need to sip on something, make it a clear spirit mixed with soda and fresh lime.  What liquors should you pick if you do want to indulge?  Vodka and gin.

#7. Wear your hair up

Want an instant face-lift while also making your face look slimmer?  Pull your hair up into a ponytail.  Yep, it’s as easy as that.  Doing so also brings out your bone structure and draws the eye upwards away from any problem areas.

#8. Put protein on the breakfast menu

By munching on a super-healthy, protein-rich breakfasts, you’ll stay full for longer, effectively eliminating the urge to snack on unhealthy foods come 10 am.  Try spinach and scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt, fruit and chia seeds or a berry smoothie with protein powder.

#9. Stop eating gassy foods

Some vegetables- namely broccoli, capsicum, and onions- cause bloating and gassiness, which means it’s wise to avoid them.  If you want your stomach to be at its flattest, snack on potassium-rich fruits (read: oranges and bananas), which also help to rid your body of retained water.

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