Alfombra Roja de Stylos Awards 2014

Carolina Guana e Irma Deihl lucieron guapiasimas en la pasarela de Stylos 2014. Farándula … Farándula. Armando Delgado, Prensa Punto Arizona/La Voz. Armando … Almuerzo Anual / 29 Conferencia de la Mujer Hispana. Almuerzo … Stylos Awards Alfombra Roja

Latino Leaders

  Club Leaders of the Future: Phoenix AZ Phoenix’s first Club Leaders of the Future met at Atlas Bistro in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Jan. 30, 2014, for a night of networking and sharing each other’s inspiring stories. The eclectic array of young leaders included a state representative, a journalist, community organizers and educators — all […]

Controversia Latina Montage

CONTROVERSIA LATINA is a project like no other. It’s vivid, vibrant and entertaining. It’s a genuine representation of the multi-ethnic characterization of Latinos living in the United States It’s bold, strong and insightful. It accurately portrays the inner core and passion of what drives Latinos through strong commentary and opinions. Proof that — even if […]

If I *Wear* You

IF I *WEAR* YOU As part of my series “SHOE FEVER”, this is the story of a dear friend of mine whose love for fashion and designer shoe-wear (and her fantastic and well-curated show collection) is defined by her very humble beginnings, and the many challenges she went through during her childhood and teen years… […]

Combining the Community with her Passion for Fashion

By: Taylor Pineda Irma Deihl is always giving back to the community. However, she has one guilty pleasure: she is a shopaholic. A smart shopaholic at that!: she is a shopaholic. A smart shopaholic at that! Giving something as valuable as her time and experience back to the community, she has rightfully become an accomplished […]