Controversia Latina Montage

CONTROVERSIA LATINA is a project like no other.

It’s vivid, vibrant and entertaining. It’s a genuine representation of the multi-ethnic characterization of Latinos living in the United States

It’s bold, strong and insightful. It accurately portrays the inner core and passion of what drives Latinos through strong commentary and opinions. Proof that — even if we all speak the same language and share similar history, similar upbringings — our perspectives about any subject or matters is simply unmatched.
It’s provocative, controversial and argumentative. Latinos unite and find commonalities through the same language we speak. Yet, once a subject or issue is discussed, touching a core belief or conviction, the debate starts. We simply, do not agree!

Our passionate, expressive and hot-blooded nature — widely recognized among other cultures – is what fuels and ignites our new T.V. show.

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