Articulate. Intelligent. Compassionate.Irma Deihl

Pursuing the American dream is what Irma longed for since moving from her hometown of Madera Chihuahua, Mexico. She innately knows firsthand what this involves, as she is living proof of strength, vitality and hard work for other Latinas. Today, Irma is an accomplished and experienced news host and media professional within the Hispanic market.

With 15 years in her profession, she has been immersed in the interworking of an advertising agency from orchestrating major media events for Azteca TV to co-hosting a radio show for Mujeres Unicas and “La Hora Bella.” With “Mujeres Unicas” she delved into the topics and issues impacting the Phoenix community, while helping to educate and provide resources for them.

Her compassion, devotion and support for humanitarian causes is truly what makes her a champion of community-oriented initiatives. Beyond her impressive work in the media, Irma has supported more than 15 non-pro!t organizations such as Reyes Foundation, Mission of Mercy and Project Cure and St. Jude’s Hispanic Gala. Irma exudes an incomparable charm and grace that defines her own unique style. Her elegance, poise and engaging conversation provides a special balance that she can only bring to SI TV.