Combining the Community with her Passion for Fashion

By: Taylor Pineda

Irma Deihl is always giving back to the community.

However, she has one guilty pleasure: she is a shopaholic. A smart shopaholic at that!: she is a shopaholic. A smart shopaholic at that!

Giving something as valuable as her time and experience back to the community, she has rightfully become an accomplished fashionista.

Driven by passion from her community involvement, her successful career, and her ability to dress with grace and class, Irma abides by this styling rule: “It is not about the amount you spend, but how you assemble.”

Irma can attest to this through her extensive sun – glass collection and infamous shoe collection. It is about the ability to mix and match your items while getting the best bang for your buck.
Here’s a link to the full Arizona Latinos article.

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